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Below are some 2017 hunts that are either discounted or that are typically sold out by now but still have some openings for 2017.
Colorado Elk - Hunt #85-E - reduced to $4200 for 3rd season and $4000 for 4th season 2017. This place always picks up a bunch of elk in November and 4th season is a great season there. Private land hunt, lodge-based and horses used daily. This is one to jump on!
Texas Whitetails - Hunt #41-WD - a few archery and rifle openings left and the rpice is only $1800 for the bow hunt and $2400 for the rifle hunt. Great place to kill a 140+.
Colorado Elk - Hunt #79-E - Very good quality for Colorado bulls and lots of elk. 12,000 acre ranch that has a resident herd and continues to pick up new elk throughout the fall. A great choice for hunters willing to spend a little more for a hunt that rarely has openings this late due to the amount of repeat clients. Licenses for 2nd and 3rd season are over the counter. $6500.
Newfoundland Moose - Hunt #82-MO - 4 openings the first week of rifle season (Sept 10-17) and 4 openings the last week (Oct. 1-8). Small operation that excels in customer satisfaction. They had 85% shot opportunity on bulls in 2016. This is a fly-in camp with 2×1 guiding - cost is $6000 plus license fee. 1×1 guiding can be added for another $500.
Newfoundland Woodland Caribou - Same outfitter as #82 above. There are two tags left for 2017. $8000 for caribou and $12,000 for moose/caribou combo hunt (plus license fees).

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