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Wyoming Mule Deer & Antelope - Hunt #87-MDPA

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Here is a place with multiple properties in NE and NC Wyoming that hold excellent populations of both species. Combo hunts are extremely popular because they allow a hunter to harvest two animals on one trip and also save nearly $1000 off the price of hunting each species separately. Combo hunts are normally some of the first hunts to sell out so please plan accordingly.

On mule deer, this outfitter has a different management philosophy than most western outfitters. He does not shoot immature deer but instead shoots mature bucks that are either considered non-typical or trophy bucks.

Non-typical hunts are for mature bucks that do not have typical 4×4 antlers. Some of these would be considered trophy bucks at many places. Oftentimes the non-typical bucks score from 150 - 170.

Trophy hunts are for the older bucks that have typical front and rear forks on each side. Some of these bucks may also have extra points and kickers. Many of these bucks score 180 -190+. The trophy hunts are very limited and book several years out.

Antelope bucks do not have any special criteria so hunters look over bucks until they see one they want to take. Most bucks score in the 65-75 range with a few hitting the 80 inch mark.

Hunting is usually done by truck and glassing. A stalk is then devised for targeted animals. Both archery and rifle hunts are held.

Licenses are via the draw but have been 100% draw odds with no preference points. The application period for deer license is January 1 – May 31. A hunter’s safety card is required if born after January 1, 1966 – not required for archery hunters.

Includes: meals, lodging, 2×1 guiding, field care and retrieval of animal to camp, caping of animal, delivery of animal to processor.

4 Day Archery Non-typical Combo Hunt - $5000

4 Day Rifle Non-typical Combo Hunt - $5000

5 Day Archery Trophy Combo Hunt - $9000

5 Day Rifle Trophy Combo Hunt - $9000