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Alaska Black Bear / Fishing Combo - Boat Based Transport DIY Hunt – Hunt #89-BB

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If you have a group of family, friends, clients, employees or co-workers looking for a shared adventure of a lifetime, look no further. You will call a 43 foot boat your mobile home for five days. The boat has showers, bunk beds and excellent meals. The Kenai Peninsula coastline will provide ever-changing and spectacular views. The area has a healthy black bear population and the cold waters team with halibut and rockfish.

This trip takes place in the spring of the year when the bears are out in the open feeding on green grass. The boat’s captain will take the hunters to where bears are typically seen and the hunters will glass the hillsides and shores in search of bears. Once they decide to hunt an area, an inflatable boat is taken to shore and the hunt is on. It is not uncommon for hunters to see 10-20 bears a day. Shot opportunity to date has been 100%.

Even though the boat owner/operator is an accomplished big game hunter that knows the area well, he is not a licensed hunting guide and cannot assist during the hunt. His company is a transport, and services, provider. Hunters will be hunting unguided and responsible for bringing their bears back to the shore. Bear meat must be salvaged prior to June 1. Beginning June 1, hunters need only recover the hide and skull.

On this hunt, the boat cruises around a good bit and many participants choose to fish daily. There is no additional charge to fish for halibut, rockfish and possibly king salmon. Your group may choose to have some of your party’s members hunt and some fish or mix up your days between hunting and fishing. The crew is very flexible. This operation has excellent fishing guides who know how to get fish into the boat.

Non-residents are permitted to harvest one black bear and Alaska residents up to three black bears. Glacier bears (blue phase) bears are NOT allowed to be harvested. Hunts are held May 1 – June 15. Hunters fly into Homer, Alaska and the hunt begins at the harbor there.

Includes: Transportation, lodging, meals and all fishing gear/bait.

5 Day / 4 Night Hunt - $12,500 plus 7.5% sales tax. This the price for the entire group regardless if your group is one person or five. If you have five hunters, it would be $2500 per hunter. A maximum of five hunters can be taken and they will not mix groups. Hunters leave Homer Harbor the morning of Day 1 and return the evening of Day 5.

Other costs:

$230.00 – Non-resident hunting license / 7 day fishing license

$450.00 – Black Bear tag (over-the counter)