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Alberta Black Bear / Wolf Hunt– Hunt #88-BB – Guaranteed Bear Hunt

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Are you looking for a black bear hunt that offers big bears and lots of bears too? If so, this one is an excellent choice.

This outfitter operates two bear camps in northeast Alberta. He is so sure you’ll get your bear that if you don’t have a bear within 20 yards, you can come back again for no charge. It is not unusual for hunters to see 20-30 bears in six days with some hunters seeing many more. This area has such a high density of black bears that each hunter is allowed to harvest two. Color phase bears typically make up 25% of the population. Wolves may also be taken for no additional charge.

This is a remote bear hunting area, and all bait stations are only accessible by 4×4 ATV’s. Stands are set up 15 to 20 yards from the bait site making them suitable for archery, muzzleloader, rifle, and cross bows.

Hunters are encouraged to only harvest large mature boars. These are bears that will square 6’ 10” or better with some exceeding 7’6″ weighing close to 500 pounds. The long term average is an incredible 7’1” squared with 98% of the bears making the P&Y minimum skull score of 18″. Long term skull average has been just over 19″ with numerous bears yearly scoring over 20″. The outfitter gives an orientation on judging the size of bears and also has “markers” at each bait site to help hunters judge size.

Each camp consist of wall tents, cots with foam pads, wood stove, cook tent, showers, outhouse and shooting range. Staffing includes two guides, a camp hand and a cook.
Five hunts are held each spring – the entire month of May and the first week of June. Four hunters per hunt is the norm.

Includes: Pick up and drop off at Fort McMurray, meals, lodging, in-field transportation, skinning and salting of bear hide. (Salted hides/skulls can be taken home as checked luggage).

License cost is $250 for 2 bear licenses and 1 wolf license.

Camp #1 - 6 Day Hunt - $4500 plus 5% GST, $600 kill fee on first bear and $1000 kill fee on second bear.

Camp #2 – 6 Day Hunt - $4000 plus 5% GST, $500 kill fee on first bear and $1000 kill fee on second bear.