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British Columbia Black Bear - Hunt #63-BB

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Here is a great option for hunters that like to be mobile in their quest for bears. This hunt is a combination hound / spot and stalk hunt in scenic southwest BC. A typical day sees guides and hunters departing in the morning to employ the hounds and then return to camp to eat and go back out in the afternoon for a spot and stalk hunt. May and June finds the bears eating grass in agricultural fields, meadows and logging roads.

This area has a lot of bears. Some hunters have seen 20 bears in a week. The majority are black phase but approximately 20% are lighter color phases. The hair is long and the hides are in great shape for this hunt. They kill some big bears here too. The average is 6 ½ - 6 ¾ feet with 7 footers taken each year. Shot opportunity has been 100% on mature boars.

An added bonus is that you can add a second bear onto your hunt after harvesting your first bear. The cost is $1500 for the second bear. This area also has several wolf packs and hunters that see a wolf may harvest it for no additional charge ($52 wolf tag required).

Licenses required are a non-resident hunting license for $189 and a bear tag for $189.

Includes: meals, lodging, guiding, in field transportation and field care of animals.

6 Day Hunt - $4000 for 2×1 guiding and $5000 for 1×1 Guiding – May 1 – June 30 or Sept. 10 - Oct. 30

Additional costs: $200 NRHPF and 5% tax.