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Wyoming Black Bear - Hunt #01-BB

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Trophy Black Bear hitting the bait Wyoming Color Phase Black Bear Wyoming Black Bear
Wyoming Color Phase Black Bear Wyoming Color Phase Black Bear

Spring hunts take place from May 1-31 or until the quota fills. All hunting is done over established baits with rifle or bow in the mountains. Color phase bears are common in the area. Come enjoy what spring has to offer in the Bighorns, you will see lots of elk and moose with their newborn calves. Shot opportunity has run 75%.

Fall hunts run from Sept. 1-15. Hunts take place in the mountains over established baits. Bears have long, even-coated hair by this time in preparation for the long winter. Shot opportunity is typically 75%.

Wyoming bear licenses are over the counter with no draw required. However, there is a female harvest quota for each area. If the quota is hit, hunting ceases in that area. For this reason, it is recommended to book your hunt early in the season.

Includes lodging, meals, transportation during the hunt, delivery of meats and mounts to taxidermist or processing plant, airport pick-up and drop-off (Sheridan airport).

License cost is $362 plus $12.50 conservation stamp. Crossbows are legal to use during archery or rifle season. A hunter’s safety card is required for rifle hunters if born after January 1, 1966 - not needed for archery hunters. Crossbows are legal to use during archery and rifle season.

5 Day Spring Hunt - $3500 (May 1- June 1 archery and May 15-June 1 rifle)

5 Day Fall Hunt - $3500 (Sept. 1-15 archery or rifle)