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Wyoming Black Bear - Hunt #06-BB

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Wyoming Black Bear

Hunt private land in the beautiful Bighorn Mountains of northern Wyoming. Bears average 180-250 pounds and 50% are color phase (shades of brown or cinnamon).

Wyoming bear licenses are over the counter with no draw required. However, there is a female harvest quota for each area. If the quota is hit, hunting ceases in that area. For this reason, it is recommended to book your hunt early in the season. A hunter’s safety card is required for rifle hunters if born after January 1, 1966 - not needed for archery hunters. Crossbows are legal to use in archery or rifle season.

Hunt is conducted from stands over bait.

Can also be done as a bear / Merriam’s turkey combo in the spring.

Includes meals, lodging, 2 hunters/guide, airport pick-up and drop-off, transportation of meats and mounts to processing plant or taxidermist.

Spring Archery Hunts - May 1 - June 1 and Spring Rifle Hunts - May 15 - June 1

Fall Archery or Rifle Hunts - September 1-15

5 Day Hunt - $2500 - up to 4 hunters can be accommodated per hunt