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Wyoming Merriam’s & Black Bear - Hunt #06-TBB

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Wyoming Black Bear
Wyoming Black Bear
What a great idea -  hunt private ranches for turkeys in the morning and bowhunt for black bears over bait in the evening! Bears average 180-250 pounds and 50% are color phase (shades of brown or cinnamon). Turkey licenses and bear licenses are both over the counter so no draw is required. Wyoming has a quota for female bears killed in each region. If the quota is hit, hunting ceases in that area. The quota is not normally hit during the dates of this hunt.
One turkey and one bear limit. Up to four hunters per hunt with a maximum of eight hunters per season. Includes guide, lodging, meals, trophy drop-off at taxidermist, pick-up and drop-off at Sheridan airport.
Crossbows are legal to use. License cost is $362 for bear and $72 for turkey plus a $12.50 conservation stamp. A hunter’s safety card is required for firearm hunters if born after January 1, 1966 - not needed for archery hunters.

5 Day Hunt - $3200. Archery bear season is May 1 - June 1 and rifle bear season is May 15 - June 1. Turkey season ends on May 20.