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Colorado Buffalo - Hunt #68-BI

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Here is a high fence hunt that has a lot going for it. Located in the scenic Colorado high country, this 3000 acre parcel contains a varied habitat, healthy buffalo herd, comfortable lodging and a quality out-of-the-way experience.

Hunts are tailored to the client’s desires. Some clients choose to walk and spot and stalk while others prefer to locate the animals via truck.

Hunting is done via archery, muzzleloader or rifle. Guaranteed shot opportunity. No license required.

Includes meals, lodging, guiding, field care and skinning of animal, transport of meat to processor, transport of head/cape to taxidermist, airport pick up and drop off.

Hunts are 3 day hunts and are held late August – December

2-3 Year Old Bulls - $4000
4-6 Year Old Bulls - $6000
Trophy Bulls - $8000

Can also be combined with a bull elk hunt – see Elk Hunt #68-E. There are some tremendous bull elk on this property

Home » Buffalo

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