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Newfoundland Woodland Caribou – Hunt #67-C

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Woodland caribou. Sold out for 2017 - booking for 2018 now.

If you are looking to kill a trophy class woodland caribou, look no further. Past clients have killed many book animals and many more are still on the hoof.

Tags and openings are limited so booking far in advance is recommended. Hunting is based out of a lodge but one of the outfitter’s planes is always on hand to move hunter’s to more productive areas. The plan is to put you in an area where you will see a lot of animals and kill a true trophy not just an average bull.

Includes license, 1×1 guiding, meals, transportation to from airport or hotel, float plane transportation, trophy and meat preparation (de-boning).

Non-resident hunters must have a hunter’s education card or have a big game license from previous years. Youth hunters must be a minimum of 18 years old by August 31 of the year they will be hunting.

6 Day Hunt - $12,900 plus $675 for caribou license plus 7.5% tax on hunt and license.

12 Day Rut Hunt - $15,800 plus $675 for caribou license plus 7.5% tax on hunt and license.

12 Day Caribou / Moose / Black Bear - $19,900 plus $675 for caribou license, $510 for moose license, $150 for bear license plus 7.5% tax on hunt and licenses.

Add 6 hunting days $2900 plus 7.5% tax.

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Quebec Caribou - Hunt #59-C

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Quebec Labrador Caribou - Leaf River herd.

This outfitter has over 40 camps and normally hunts 6 camps per week. The camps that get used for any specific hunts are the ones that have caribou close by. The camps are located both above and below the 57th parallel in Nunavik, covering more of the migration route than any other outfitter.

Shot opportunity has run 90% -100% with the majority of hunters taking two bulls. Hunters of varying degrees of fitness can be accommodated. Camps normally consists of 6 hunters. Hunts are conducted from late August through early October. See the various packages / price ranges available below.

Hunters may also hunt for black bears and ptarmigan and fish for brook trout, lake trout, char and pike as part of their hunt. There are no extra costs associated with these activities other than the cost of the extra licenses which are shown below.

Trophy Hunt Package - $11,000 2×1 guided and $13,000 1×1 guided - held September 27 - October 3 only. The trophy caribou hunt is the ultimate caribou hunt for those of you who wish to put all odds in your favor. Much like the regular season guided caribou hunts, home cooked meals will be prepared daily by a designated camp cook. The Trophy Hunt will strictly be offered to 10 hunters and will take place after our other 5 hunting camps are closed down for the season allowing us the option to choose the very best hunting location, as well as to concentrate 100% of our efforts strictly on this small group of hunters (keeping in mind that normally we cater to 28-30 hunters per week during our regular season). The trophy caribou hunters will be flown directly into our most productive camp, which may be any one of our 40+ outpost camps regardless of the facilities. As an added bonus to choosing the trophy hunt, in the unlikely event that we would not feel 100% confident about the odds of success during that week, the hunt will simply be called-off and all of our hunters will be notified as early as possible and offered a 100% refund and/or the option to reschedule their hunts to the following year with absolutely no extra charge.

Fully Guided Hunt Package - $8400 2×1 guided and $9400 1×1 guided (7 days total - 5 ½ days of hunting) The 2×1 and 1×1 option is for those who want exclusive attention and a professional guide to carry out all the field work. On this fully guided caribou hunt, each pair of hunters is accompanied by a full time guide. The guide will transport hunters to crossings, help spot, stalk or put an ambush on the caribou. Once the caribou has been harvested, he will look after all of the field work including quartering, deboning, caping and packing it out.  Just sit back and relax after an adventurous day of hunting while your camp cook prepares and serves delicious home-made meals! This package offers upgraded accommodations including hot and cold running water. Experience the Northern tundra with all the essential elements of home!

Semi-Guided Hunt Package - $7400 for 4×1 and $7900 for 3×1  (7 days total - 5 ½ days of hunting).  The 1×3 and 1×4 semi guided options are geared towards those who don’t require a guide by their side 100% of the time, but would like some guidance in the field along with having most of the field work done by a professional guide. With this guiding service, the guide will divide his time among his group of 3 or 4 hunters. He will provide transportation to caribou crossings and some guidance with selecting a trophy, as well as help complete the field work once the caribou has been harvested. One pack frame per two hunters is recommended. Food and cook is also provided.

Unguided Hunt Package - $6400 1 guide/6 hunters (7 days total - 5 ½ days of hunting). The unguided option is for those who have sufficient hunting experience to go-it-alone and are physically capable of doing so. A guide / caretaker will be at camp to scout the area for caribou and provide transportation for guests. This option allows for greater mobility from camp to camp if relocation is required. This package does not include a cook at camp. All meals will be prepared and frozen at base camp. Take pride in accomplishing all aspects of the hunt on your own with the outfitter who provides the best opportunity for success! (A cook can be added to this camp for $500 / person).

Unguided Drive Up Hunt Package - $4500 - Much the same as the unguided 6×1 package, except the hunters must provide their own food, and rather than flying up to base camp on a charter flight from Montreal, guests take the adventurous drive up to the float plane base in Caniapiscau. A minimum of 4 hunters is required to book this hunt.

Things to consider for the drive-up caribou hunt:

  • Approximately 24 hrs driving time from Montreal to Caniapiscau base camp.
  • Heading North, after the town of Matagami, there are only 2 fuel stops for the remaining 1200 km (750 miles) of the trip.
  • 666 km (415 miles) of the trip is gravel road (Trans Taiga Road).
  • It is recommended that your vehicle has 10-ply tires.
  • You must bring your own food and beverages.

All of the packages above include:

  • 7 day round trip from Montreal
  • All applicable taxes
  • Caribou license (2 tags)
  • Bear hunting, ptarmigan hunting & fishing in season (licenses additional)
  • Parking in Montreal
  • Shuttle service in Montreal
  • Flight from Montreal to base camp
  • Reception at base camp
  • Comfortable Lodging & meals at base camp (if necessary)
  • Flight to camp by float plane - return
  • Fully equipped camps
  • Boat & motor with unlimited gas
  • Screened meat houses
  • Meat boxes, cheesecloth & cape salt
  • Professional English speaking guides
  • Radio communication to base
  • Emergency satellite phone ($5/min. for non-emergency calls)
  • Cold Storage at base camp & Montreal
  • Transport of game to Montreal
  • Air Medic insurance

Not included:

  • Travel to and from your home and Montreal
  • Accommodations in Montreal
  • Extra licenses (if desired): 7 day Fishing License $45, catch & release fishing license $30, Black Bear License $160, Small Game License $91
  • Meals at base camp: $10 breakfast, $15 lunch, $20 Supper
  • Soda or alcoholic beverages at camp
  • Sleeping bags, pillows & towels
  • Meat butchering and vacuum sealing if required during overnight in Montreal ($80.00/caribou).
  • Transportation of antlers on the return flight to Montreal:  (2 split sets or 1 whole set is transported at no extra charge) 1 split + 1 whole set = $50; 2 whole sets = $100; European mount = $150
  • Extra baggage fee for excess gear over over 65 lbs is charged at $5/lb up to a maximum of 80 lbs.
  • Gratuities for guide/cook


  • $100 per hunter discount for reserving a group of 4 or 5 hunters.
  • $200 per hunter discount for reserving a group of 6 hunters.
  • $1000 discount for students (under 21) accompanied by their father or mother. Proof of enrollment required.
  • $500 discount for husband and wife teams.
  • $1000 discount for non-hunters accompanying a hunter

Minimum age to hunt is 12.

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Quebec Caribou - Hunt #29-C

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Quebec Labrador Caribou.

Hunt the Ungava Bay Region of Northern Quebec. This is a small operation where the owner/outfitter is in camp for each hunt. Only eight hunters taken per hunt. The outfitter has over 30 years of outfitting experience and his success in the past 15 years is higher than any other outfitter in the region.

All hunt packages begin in Montreal. From there hunters take a two hour commercial flight to Kuujjuaq. Upon your arrival in Kuujjuaq you will be met and transferred to a De Havilland Single Engine Otter to camp.

The camp itself is very comfortable and consists of two individual wooden cabins set up to accommodate four hunters in each and two cabins for the guides and kitchen staff. There is also a smaller cabin reserved for couples. The kitchen and dining area well equipped and separate from the sleep cabins. The camp has hot and cold running water, generator and oil heat.

Each morning the guides take their hunters via boat to their hunting area. All hunts are 2 hunters per guide. The guides are well trained at judging bulls and will explain the good and bad features of each bull being considered. Expect the bulls to lose their velvet sometime between September 10-20.

The caribou are primarily the Leaf River Herd which is the largest herd in northern Quebec, however they do get a mix of the George River Herd throughout the season. The camp operates it’s caribou hunts during prime time beginning mid-August and running through until the end of September. Hunters can use rifle, bow or black powder - no handguns are permitted.

Fishing can be done for Brook Trout, Lake Trout and Arctic Char. Lake Trout will average 8-10 pounds while Brook trout will be 2-3 pounds. The fishing is excellent! Cost of fishing license is $50.

Included in the price:
- round trip airfare from Montreal to Kuujjuaq and back
- air charter service to and from camp
- reception service in Kuujjuaq to and from camp
- all applicable taxes (PST & GST) with non-resident rebate issued
- 2 hunters per guide
- licenses related to package booked
- fully equipped guide with boat, motor and unlimited fuel
- professional trophy preparation of capes & antlers
- packing of meat in airline approved tote boxe
- shipping of 200 pounds of meat from camp to Montreal
- shipping of capes from camp to Montreal
- shipping of split antlers from camp to Montreal

Not included in price:
- hotel accommodations in Montreal
- meals in Montreal or enroute
- sleeping bag, pillow case, towels, toiletries
- soft drinks, beer, alcoholic beverages (make prior arrangements)
- shipping of baggage in excess of 75 pounds northbound
- shipping of meat and antlers to final destination
- taxidermy work
- butchering service
- gratuities
- Travel & Medical Insurance
- Cancellation Insurance

Approximate hunt dates are: September 01 - 07; September 07 -13; September 13 -19; September 19 - 25; September 25 - October 01

Cost: $8995 US. Deposit is $1000 followed by balance by June 1. Balances not received by June 1 on year of hunt, will be deemed as cancelled and no refunds will be issued. It is recommended you buy Travel Insurance through us to protect your investment in the event you cannot go after sending a deposit.

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British Columbia Combo - Hunt #17-Combo

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Mountain Goat
Grizzly Bear Base Camp

Hunt the in the remote backcountry of northern British Columbia near the headwaters of the Skeena River and bordering Spatsizi Wilderness Park. Base camp is accessed via a float plane from Smithers, BC. This is not a horseback hunt. Combo species include various combinations of the following animals: mountain goat, mountain caribou, Canadian moose and grizzly bears.

This is the same outfitter that offers the following hunts: Hunt #17-MG; Hunt #17-MO; Hunt # 17-GB.

Includes: meals, lodging, hotel arrangements in Smithers, field care of meat and trophies and government royalties. Not included: float plane charter fee, license and tags, hotel accommodations and meals in Smithers, trophy crating and shipping, liquor, tobacco and gratuities.

Getting there: fly into Vancouver and then to Smithers via Air Canada. Arrive in Smithers the day prior to the start of your hunt. Take the float plane from Smithers to the hunt area - 1 ½ hour flight. Flight departs on the day of hunt commencement.

Float plane charter cost is $1200 roundtrip + 5% tax. License cost is $210; Grizzly tag $1200; Moose tag $290; Mountain Goat tag $350; Caribou tag $220 + 5% tax.

All combo hunts are 1 hunter/guide.

There is a $200 NRHPF (Non Resident Hunting Preservation Fund) fee and a 2.5% GST on the hunt fee - outfitter will pay GST on harvest fee.

14 Day Hunt - Grizzly/Moose/Goat/Caribou - $17,500 + $3500 harvest fee on grizzly - Sept. 14-28, 2016

14 Day Hunt - Moose/Goat/Caribou - $14,900 - Sept. 14-28, 2016

10 Day Hunt - Moose/Goat/Caribou (any two species) - $12,500.  Sept. 18-28, 2016

10 Day Hunt - Moose (or Goat)/Grizzly - $12,500 +$3500 harvest fee on grizzly - Sept. 28-Oct. 8, 2016

Hunt area that does not require fly-in so no charter fee:

10 Day Hunt - Goat/Caribou - $10,900 - Aug. 23 - Sept. 2 — Sept. 3-13, 2016

10 Day Hunt - Grizzly/Goat/Caribou - $12,500 +$3500 grizzly harvest fee - Sept. 3-13, 2016

7 Day - Black Bear - 1×1 $5800 + $1500 for 2nd bear or 2×1 $4500 +$1500 for 2nd bear - Month of May