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British Columbia Lynx - Hunt #63-LX

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Here is an animal that is starting to gain interest for a lot of hunters. The problem is very few outfitters hunt them as a primary species. That is not the case with this outfitter. These folks have great hounds and know how to hunt these elusive felines. They also have a lot of lynx in their area of southwest BC. On many hunts, past clients have treed multiple lynx on a single day.

An added bonus is that hunters may purchase a wolf tag and take a wolf if they get a chance while lynx hunting. There is no fee for killing a wolf. Once hunters kill a lynx, they have the option to hunt cougars for $400/day plus a kill fee. The kill fee cost is $5000 less the total of the daily hunt fee cost.

Hunting is done from trucks, quads, snowmobiles and on foot. Hunts dates are December 1 to February 15.

Includes: meals, lodging, guiding, skinning of animals, airport pick up and drop off.

7 Day Hunt for One Lynx - $4500 2×1 guided or $5600 1×1 guided.

(Can also be done as a lynx / mountain lion combo -  10 day hunt $10,000 for 1×1 guided)

Additional costs: 2.5% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) & $200 NRHPF (Non Resident Hunting Preservation Fund)