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Alberta Coyotes - Hunt #88-PV

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Hunt December – February for fully prime winter coyotes. Your guide will take you to well chosen calling locations and use electronic calls or mouth calls to draw the coyotes into rifle range. The coyotes are hungry this time of year and respond well to calls. Hunters can expect to have an action-packed hunt and it is not unusual to kill 3-4 coyotes per day. This area has an excellent population of coyotes and there is no limit on the number you can take.

Only 6 hunters taken per year with a maximum of 2 per hunt.

Hunters fly into the Edmonton International Airport and are picked up by the outfitter. They stay at the lodge which has all the comforts of home including big screen TV and WI-FI.

Coyote pelts do not require CITIES permits and can be flown home as checked luggage.

Licenses are OTC (over-the-counter). Cost is approximately $100.

Includes: Meals, lodging, 2×1 guiding, airport pick-up and drop-off, in-field transportation, skinning of your coyotes.

3 Day Hunt - $1750 US plus 5% GST