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British Columbia Wolves - Hunt #63-WF

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This outfitter in southwest BC has seen his concession‘s wolf population grow to the point that he needs to do something about it. Three different packs have been seen with the largest having close to 20 animals in it.

Hunts will be held from December through March 15. Hunting is done out of heated blinds over bait and by calling. The blinds are heated campers set up 200 yards from the baits. Unlike some wolf hunts where you are out in the open or in a pop-up blind, this set-up is very comfortable allowing hunters to not only enjoy the hunt more but also increase their odds of success by being able to stay on stand longer.

Based on their current experience, it is expected that shot opportunities should be 60-70%. Hunters may buy multiple tags as there is no limit on wolves. License cost is $189 and each wolf tag is $52.50.

Includes: guiding, meals, lodging, airport shuttle, field care of hides, drop off at taxidermist for proper paperwork and shipping to your taxidermist (hunter responsible for shipping costs and CITIES fee)

7 Day Hunts – $3200 for 2×1 plus 2.5% tax or $4000 for 1×1 plus 2.5% tax. There is also a $200 NRHPF fee.

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British Columbia Wolves - Hunt #30-WF

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Hunt southeast B.C. for North America’s largest canines. Hunting is out of heated blinds overlooking bait sites. Shot opportunity for the 2014-2015 winter was 100%. Hunts are held in January, February and March.

Hunters can fly into Cranbrook, B.C. and be met at the airport or fly into Kalispel, MT., rent a vehicle and drive 2 ½ hours to meet the outfitter. Another option is to fly into Spokane, WA and drive to meet the outfitter. Airfare at Spokane is usually more affordable.

License costs: $180 license, $50 wolf tag, $150 HPF (Hunting Preservation Fund)

Includes meals, lodging, guide and skinning of your wolf.

7 Day Hunt - $4000 - One wolf limit

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Idaho Wolves - Hunt #40-WF

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Hunts will be conducted in Units 7 and 10 which contain many wolves. Methods include hunting over kills and using electronic calls. Hunts will be held from December - March and primarily near wintering herds of elk. Snowmobiles will be used for in-the-field transportation.

License cost is $154.75 for a non-resident hunting license and $31.75 per wolf tag. There is a two wolf limit.

Includes meals, lodging and guide.

5 Day Hunt - $2500 (2 wolf limit)
6 Day Wolf / Mountain Lion Combo - $5500

Add 9% sales tax/USFS use fee to above hunt prices.