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British Columbia Mountain Lion - Hunt #63-ML

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Hunt in southwest BC in an area with a solid track record for producing big mountain lions. This is remote country with few roads and very little hunting pressure.

Hunting is done by riding in the truck or snow machines until a track of a big lion is found. The dogs are then turned loose and the chase is on. Snow machines are used to get as close as possible to the treed cat and then it’s on with the snowshoes to find the hounds and cat.

Hunters are encouraged to buy a wolf tag in the event wolves are seen. There is a definite possibility of this happening. There is no additional charge to shoot a wolf.

Hunts are held from December through the end of March. Hunters fly into the airport at Williams Lake, rent a car and drive the 3 hours to camp. Airport pick up and drop off by the outfitter can also be arranged for a fee.

Includes: meals, lodging, 1×1 guiding, in field transportation, skinning of animal. Does not include cost of licenses (approx. $300).

This area also has an abundance of lynx and the outfitter is a master at hunting them. After a lion hunter gets his cat, he can add lynx on a trophy fee basis for $2000.

7 Day Hunt - $9000 plus 5% tax and $200 hunting preservation fee.