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Wyoming Mountain Lion - Hunt #01-ML

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Wyoming Mountain Lion
Wyoming Mountain Lion Wyoming Mountain Lion

Hunt the beautiful Big Horn Mountains for North America’s largest feline. Hunting is done by dogs and hunters have enjoyed a 90+% success rate with this outfitter. Hunt takes place on private ranches, national forest and BLM land.

Once a track is located in the snow, the hounds are set free and the end result is a cat in a tree. Many large cats have been taken.

The outfitter can handle up to two hunters at one time. Each hunter will have their own houndsman and dogs and hunt in a different area.

Snow greatly increases the odds of success. This area normally has snow from Nov 15 on but waiting until early December is a safer bet. Wyoming units have a quota on harvested cats and once the quota is hit,  hunting is shut down for the season. This normally happens in late December on the east side of the Big Horn Mountains. This outfitter also hunts the west side of the Big Horns which rarely hits their quota but it is extremely rugged country consequently hunters must be in good shape to hunt the western side.

Includes guide (1 hunter/guide) lodging, meals, transportation during the hunt, delivery of mount to taxidermist, airport pick-up and drop-off (Sheridan airport).

5 Day Hunt - $6000 (Nov. 15 through March). Licenses are available over the counter. Cost is $362 plus $21.50 conservation stamp. A hunter’s safety card is required if born on or after January 1, 1966.