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Colorado Elk - Hunt #60-E

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Booking now for 2024 - sold out until then. If you’ve been accumulating elk preference points to hunt one of Colorado’s premier trophy areas, this hunt is one to take a hard look at. In recent years, the number of points needed for a non-resident to draw in this GMU are: archery 11, muzzleloader 18; first rifle 24 and second rifle 16. If you don’t have preference points, limited landowner vouchers may be available - please inquire for availability and price.

This is a private land hunt on 16,000 acres. The properties hold some exceptional bulls and bulls scoring over 370 have been taken. The average usually runs around 320. This is a place where hunters can look over multiple mature bulls to make the best use of their preference points. Shot opportunity has run 100%. Hunts are held during archery, muzzleloader and first rifle seasons.

Muzzleoader and rifle cow tags are List B tags with good odds of being drawn as a 2nd choice. A cow hunt may be added to a bull hunt for $1000. Hunts for cows only are also held - muzzleloader and rifle tags can be drawn with no preference points. Application deadline is the first Tuesday in April.

A typical hunt will see the hunters leaving the cabin before daylight via truck and then going on foot to areas where elk are known to frequent. Many times hunters will hunt until late morning, head back for lunch and return in the afternoon to await the elk as they return to known feeding areas. There are areas of the ranch that can be hunted by older hunters or hunters not in the best of shape.

Includes meals, lodging, guiding, field care and retrieval of elk.

7 Day Archery - $6000 2×1 or $6500 for 1×1
5 Day Muzzleloader - $6500 for 2×1 or $7500 for 1×1
5 Day 1st Rifle Season - $7000 for 2×1 or $8000 for 1×1
5 Day 2nd Rifle Season - $6500 for 2×1 or $7500 for 1×1
Muzzleloader or Rifle Cow Hunts - $3000