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Colorado Elk Hunt #76-E (Drop Camps & Guided Camps)

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Have you dreamed of a high country wilderness elk hunt complete with horses, wall tents and an abundance of elk? If so, read on.

Located in the Flat Tops Wilderness this hunt takes place in some of the most scenic country known to man. Remote camps accessed via horses means less competition from other hunters. Even though the Flat Tops are high elevation, the mountains are mild compared to much of Colorado.

Five camps are utilized and the rides into camp vary from 1 to 5 hours. Camps are located at varying elevations and usage is dictated by which season it is and also weather conditions.

Past shot opportunity has been around 50% on drop camps. The ability of the drop camp hunters plays a major role on success rates. Shot opportunity for the guided hunts approaches 75%.  Bulls average in the mid- 200’s but each year bulls over 300 are taken.

Hunts are held during archery, muzzleloader and 1st, 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons. Archery tags are either sex and over the counter. 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons are bull only tags and over the counter. Muzzleloader and 1st rifle are via the draw. In recent years it has taken 4 points to draw the muzzy tag and no points to draw 1st rifle season. In fact, first season bull tags can be drawn as a second choice which means you do not have to lose your preference points to draw it. A fishing license is now included with non-resident elk licenses and the trout fishing is very good on this hunt.

Two hunting options are provided: drop camps and guided.

Drop camps: If you are the do-it-yourself kind of hunter, this is the hunt for you. The outfitter will pack hunters into and out of camps via horses. Hunters provide their own food, sleeping bags and personal items and the outfitter provides a sleeping tent, cooking tent, wood stove, cots and pads, table, chairs, lanterns, cookware, utensils, one night’s firewood, saws and a splitting maul. Hunters use spot messaging satellite communication to contact a wrangler to bring horses to help with game retrieval. Hunters will also assist with game retrieval. Meat, capes and antlers are brought out from camp at the end of the hunt. Horses are not left in camp.

5 Day Drop Camp Hunts – Pricing below is for archery, muzzleloader and rifle seasons. Pricing is based on the number of hunters initially booked.

$2250 per hunter when booking 1-3 hunters
$1950 per hunter when booking 4-5 hunters
$1800 per hunter when booking 6 hunters


Guided: Outfitter provides 1 guide / 2 hunters, camp cook, food, tents, pit toilet and all other camping related necessities – sleeping bags not provided. Horses may be or not be in camp depending on the camp. If horses are not in camp, the guides communicate with base camp and horses are brought in for game retrieval. Clients are asked to assist with game retrieval if possible. Meat, capes and antlers are brought out from camp at the end of the hunt. The guides are experienced elk hunters themselves and are accomplished callers. The guided hunt is the route to go if you are inexperienced or want the highest odds of success. There are typically 4 hunters minimum and a maximum of 6 in the guided camp.

5 Day Guided Hunts - $4250 for archery, muzzleloader and rifle seasons.


The outfitter reserves the right to bring additional hunters into camps that have 3 hunters or less to complete a group size of between 4 and 6 hunters. All hunts are 7 days in length with 5 days of hunting and one day to pack in and one day to pack out.

License cost is $626 for bull elk plus a $10 habitat stamp. Anyone born after January 1, 1949 must have a hunter education card to apply – Colorado accepts hunter education cards from other states. The application deadline is early April but over-the-counter archery (either sex) and 2nd and 3rd season rifle bull tags can be bought prior to the start of season either online or in person at licensing agents.