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Colorado Elk (with bear option) - Hunt #77-E

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2019 Rifle hunts are booked full. Limited openings for  2020.

This SW Colorado hunt has a lot going for it: great lodging, private land hunting on multiple leases, easy to obtain licenses and most importantly, lots of elk! The outfitter can accommodate hunters of varying physical abilities from ridge runners to stand sitters. Much of the hunting is done similar to whitetail deer hunting as the hunters sit in elevated box blinds, ladder stands, tripod stands or in ground blinds. Some of the leases do not have stands so spot and stalk hunting will be employed there.

The properties range in elevation from 7500-9500 feet. There is an abundance of cover in the form of oak brush and aspen stands along with lots of grass and water year round. The outfitter does not overgraze his properties like some of the neighboring ranches and consequently he draws and holds more elk and deer. Elk are present on the leases throughout the year and additional elk are picked up in October and November.

Excellent success is seen throughout all seasons from archery through the rifle seasons. Shot opportunity has traditionally exceeded 75%.

Elk tags for archery (either sex) and 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons (bull only) are unlimited and over-the-counter. Muzzleloader (either sex) tags had 40% draw odds with no preference points. 1st and 4th rifle season private land tags (either sex) can be drawn with no preference points.

For hunters that tag out early, there is excellent trout fishing in a nearby lake and river. The non-resident elk licenses include a fishing license. There are a lot of black bears also and hunters that purchase a bear tag ($351) can also shoot a bear and pay a $950 fee if they harvest a bear. Many of the bears range from blond to dark brown with cinnamon being the predominate color.

3rd rifle season bonus - Hunters booking for 3rd rifle season may purchase a private land cow elk tag and kill a cow elk for no extra charge.

License cost is $629 for bull elk plus a $10 habitat stamp. Anyone born after January 1, 1949 must have a hunter education card to apply – Colorado accepts hunter education cards from other states. The application deadline is early April but over-the-counter archery (either sex) and 2nd and 3rd season rifle bull tags can be bought prior to the start of season either online or in person at licensing agents.

This hunt can also be done as a mule deer/elk combo during archery, muzzleloader and 2nd rifle season. Deer tags are via the draw but can be drawn with no preference points for the private land only tags. The cost for the elk/deer combo is $6250 for archery, muzzleloader and rifle seasons.

Includes: meals, lodging, 2×1 guiding, field care of your animals and caping.

5 Day Elk Hunt – Archery, Muzzleloader, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Rifle Seasons - $5000