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Colorado Elk Hunt #78-E2 (Unguided Camp)

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If you have a group of hunters that enjoys hunting on your own, this option may be a good fit for you.

The outfitter has 13,000 acres of BLM land under permit at this north central Colorado location. This land is accessed through the outfitter’s private lease and is difficult for public land hunters to get to. Even though this an unguided hunt, a guide will transport the hunters through the BLM and drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the evening.

The outfitter provides a cabin equipped for sleeping and cooking. The cabin has propane and a generator but does not have running water - it does have an outhouse. It is located on the outfitter’s leased land which adjoins his BLM permitted land. Hunters provide their own food, sleeping bags and personal items. Hunters are responsible for getting their elk to the BLM road where the guide will then pick up the meat and antlers and take it to the cabin or a local meat processor.

I hunted this property in 2015 during 4th rifle season and was impressed with the amount of elk sign and elk sightings. The land is typical elk habitat consisting of aspens, pines, spruce and grassy meadows. The elevation ranges from 8400 – 10,000 feet. Deer hunting is not permitted on this hunt.

Hunts can be booked for archery, muzzleloader, and all four rifle seasons. Tags are as follows:
Archery – either-sex - over-the-counter
Muzzleloader – either-sex via draw – 100% draw odds with no preference points
1st and 4th Rifle – either-sex via draw – 100% draw odds with no preference points
2nd and 3rd Rifle – bull tags over-the-counter – cow tags via draw but 100% draw odds with no preference points.

Cow elk tags here are “List B” tags which means hunters may buy a leftover cow tag in addition to a bull or either-sex tag.

License cost is $662 for bull elk and $497 for a cow tag plus a $10 habitat stamp. Anyone born after January 1, 1949 must have a hunter education card to apply – Colorado accepts hunter education cards from other states. The application deadline is early April but over the counter archery (either sex) and 2nd and 3rd season rifle bull tags can be bought prior to the start of season either online or in person at licensing agents.

A minimum of two hunters is needed to book. The maximum per hunt is four.

Archery Hunts - 7 days- hunts held the 3rd week and 4th week of season (mid-late Sept.)

Muzzleloader Hunts - 7 days - first 7 days of season (early Sept.)

Rifle Hunts - 5 days regardless of which rifle season

$2000 per hunter for 2 hunters

$1850 per hunter for 3 hunters

$1700 per hunter for 4 hunters. Pricing is based on the number of hunters initially booked.