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Colorado Elk - Hunt #79-E

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Here is a hunt that produces bulls that are very good for an over-the-counter unit. Many mature 5 and 6 point bulls are taken along with an occasional 330 - 350+. Shot opportunities on legal bulls normally run around 90%.

Even though this place continues to produce some huge bulls, it is not realistic to book this hunt thinking the odds are good of killing one. If you’d like to see photos of some of the bigger bulls taken, please email me.

The ranch is located in SW Colorado. It consists of 12,000 acres – all in one parcel. The cabin used for lodging is located in the middle of the ranch and hunters can head out from there on foot or by truck. The property has excellent elk habitat consisting of aspens, big open meadows, black timber, oak brush and water year round. It holds a resident herd of elk and also picks up additional elk as the season progresses. I did my recon visit on Halloween Day 2014 and we heard 5-6 bulls bugling and cows talking like it was September.

The ranch is not a physically demanding place to hunt. Hunters of all ages and fitness levels can be accommodated. Three to five hunters are taken per hunt. There is also a private bedroom and bathroom for couples or parent/child.

2nd and 3rd rifle season bull tags are over the counter. 1st rifle and 4th rifle seasons are via the draw. 1st and 4th season Private Land Only tags can be drawn with no preference points.

License cost is $619 for bull elk plus a $10 habitat stamp. Anyone born after January 1, 1949 must have a hunter education card to apply – Colorado accepts hunter education cards from other states. The application deadline is early April but over-the-counter 2nd and 3rd season rifle bull tags can be bought prior to the start of season either online or in person at licensing agents.

No archery hunts or muzzleloader hunts are offered.

Includes: meals, lodging, guiding, field care, skinning and caping of elk, delivery of meat to processor.

5 Day Hunt - $6500 for 2×1 guiding (2nd rifle season and 3rd rifle season hunts are 4 ½ days)