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Montana Elk - Hunt #84-E

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Hunt a private ranch in central Montana that holds hundreds of elk. Here is a place where elk are bow hunted like whitetail deer. Ladder stands and ground blinds are placed by waterholes and by trails between bedding and feeding areas. The feeding areas are agricultural fields in the lower country and the bedding areas are higher up in the hills and canyons. This is a physically easy hunt that nearly anyone can do and a great option for hunters that enjoy hunting from a stand versus chasing elk in the high country.

A typical hunt sees hunters and guides leaving their cabin before daylight and taking UTV’s up the mountain where the hunters are dropped off on stand. Hunters stay on stand until mid-morning and are then picked up and brought back to camp. They go back on stand in mid/late afternoon. A large number of stands are available allowing the guides to place hunters on trails that are seeing the most use and also to take advantage of wind direction.

Shot opportunity is very high on this hunt. It isn’t unusual for 75%-100% of the hunters in camp to get a shot at a bull during this hunt. The license is good for a cow or a bull and there are no antler restrictions. Bulls range from raghorns to six points scoring over 300 inches. There are a lot of respectable five and six point bulls on the ranch.

A very limited number of rifle hunts are also held each year.

Elk licenses cost $885 plus a $10 archery stamp. This hunt is in a general unit. Application deadline is March 15.

Anyone born after January 1, 1985 must have taken a Hunter Education course to obtain a license. Bow hunters must also provide a certificate of completing the National Bowhunter Education Foundation course or provide any prior years bowhunting/archery stamp, tag, permit or license from any state or province.

Includes meals, lodging, guide assistance, field care and caping of your animal.

6 Day Hunt - $4950 Archery – entire month of September

6 Day Hunt - $5000 Rifle – last of October through November