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Wyoming Elk - Hunt #06-E2

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Hunt elk on an exceptional ranch in the lowlands of northwestern Wyoming.The ranch holds over 1000 head of elk. This is lowland country that is not a physically challenging elk hunt. Many of the elk are shot on the hay fields along the river bottom. Hunting is done via truck and then a stalk to get into shooting position. Also there are no wolves or grizzlies here.

This hunt is located in a unit that is in the “General Area” which means the draw odds are very good. In 2017, the draw odds for bulls were 30% with no preference points and 100% with one point when applying for the Special License ($1268). It took two points to draw when applying for the Regular License ($692). Cow tags ($288)  were 100% draw with no points. In fact, hunters can purchase two cow tags if they desire.

The bull season runs August 15 – October 15 which means you can use a rifle during the rut or hunt bulls in velvet if you choose to. Cow season runs from August 15 – January 15 but cows aren’t hunted on the ranch until October 16 due to bull hunts going on prior to then.

These hunts include guiding, field care of your elk and loading your elk into your vehicle. Meals and lodging are not provided but are available within 30 minutes of the ranch.

Bull Hunt – 5 Day Hunt - $6500 for bulls up to 320. There is a $3500 trophy fee for bulls over 320, 1×1 guiding.

Cow Elk Hunt – 3 Day Hunt - $2000 for one cow and an additional $1500 for the second cow, 2×1 guiding.