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Wyoming Elk - Hunt #71-E

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Here is an outfitter that offers three different hunts and all have a history of extremely high success rates in both archery and rifle season. Most years see a 75% - 100% shot opportunity in archery and rifle season. Historically archery kill rates have been 40-50% and rifle kill rates run 90-95%.

Two of the hunts are in “General” units and the elk license can be drawn with one preference point. The other hunt is in a limited draw area and will require multiple preference points. They kill some very good bulls (over 300 inches) even in the general unit hunts.

All three hunts are on private ranches that have resident elk herds. No wolves or grizzlies in this part of Wyoming either. Private land hunting is the key to their high success rates as they are not dealing with public land pressure. Lodging is at the same location for all three hunts.

Option #1 is in a limited draw unit. In 2016, it took 8 preference points to draw the tag when applying for the “Special License”. This is a lowland hunt that is physically easy.

Option #2 is in a general unit and the elk license can be drawn with one preference point going the “Special License” route. The terrain here makes it an easy hunt.

Option #3 is also in a general unit that can be drawn with one preference point. The terrain here is more rugged and physically challenging so hunters need to be in better shape for this hunt. This hunt is also based out wall tents and not the lodge. Once hunters tag out they return to the lodge.

A typical day sees hunters hunting in the morning, going back to camp for lunch and then returning in the afternoon to catch the elk going back to their feeding areas. The guides and hunters leave the bedding areas unmolested which keeps the elk on their ranches.

The license application period for an elk license is January 1 -31. Cost for the Special License is $1121. It is recommended that hunters apply for a preference point ($50) during the July 1 – September 30 period – even if you want to hunt the General unit hunts. With draw odds getting harder each year, having a point will assure that you get drawn.

Includes: meals, lodging, 2×1 guiding, field care and retrieval of elk to camp, caping of animal, delivery of animal to processor. 1×1 guiding can be provided for an additional $250/day.

Archery hunts are held September 15-29 and rifle hunts are held October 1-13. Can also add an antelope hunt for $1500. On the elk /antelope combo you hunt elk morning and evening and antelope mid-day.

Option #1 – 6 Day Archery Hunt $8495 or 5 Day Rifle Hunt - $8495

Option #2 - 6 Day Archery Hunt $7995 or 6 Day Rifle Hunt - $7995

Option #3 - 6 Day Archery Hunt $7995 or 6 Day Rifle Hunt - $7995

Cow Elk Hunts - 3 Day Hunt - $2995 (Oct. 1 - Nov.14)