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British Columbia Moose - Hunt #62-MO

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Booking now for 2021. f you are looking for a reasonably priced moose hunt that is physically easy with high success rates this is one to look at. An added bonus is witnessing some of the most scenic country in North America. Past clients have seen mountain goats, mule deer, moose, black bears, grizzlies and even wolverine.

Hunting is done via trucks, Argos and boats. Some of the hunt dates coincide with the rut so calling is an effective tactic then. The November hunt sees moose moving in from the mountains to the lower ground where the hunt is held.

The moose in northwest BC are similar in size to the moose in Newfoundland with a 40 inch bull considered a trophy with some approaching the 50 inch mark.

There are a lot of black bears in their hunt area – big ones too. Hunters can buy a bear tag for $200 and if they kill a bear can pay a kill fee of $1250. Mule deer may also be taken on a trophy fee basis for $1250.

A maximum of 20 hunters taken per year with a maximum of 5 per hunt. The success rate typically runs 90%. In 2013, they went 100% and in 2014 they went 88% (15 for 17).

Includes meals, lodging, guiding, airport pick up, caping and salting of hides. Does not include hunting license cost of $150 and moose tag $200. Additional costs: 5.00 % HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) & $200 NRHPF (Non Resident Hunting Preservation Fund)

Hunt dates run from late September to late October and the second week of November.

7 Day Hunt – 2×1 guided - $6700
7 Day Hunt – 1×1 guided - $7500