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Colorado Mule Deer - Hunt #78-MD2

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This northcentral Colorado hunt is an excellent choice for hunters looking to kill a trophy mule deer. It will held during the 4th rifle season which offers the best dates for rutting mule deer. The 4th season tag will require 1 preference to draw. There is also a chance that the outfitter will be able to obtain a landowner voucher in the event someone doesn’t draw the tag.

The ranch is a breeding ground for deer and it picks up new bucks throughout October and November from the secluded public land on the backside. The public land is very difficult to reach unless you have access through the ranch. Between the private ranch and the public land under permit, there are over 15,000 acres to hunt.

This is a physically easy hunt. The common hunting method is to drive the ranch in trucks and locate deer, glass bucks to determine trophy quality and then spot and stalk to take the shot.

This is a small operation and a very limited number of deer hunters will be taken each year. Maximum group size for deer is 3.

Lodging is in a restored historic cabin. There is no running water but hunters can drive 25 minutes to town and shower at the campgrounds if they want to freshen up.

License cost is $397 plus a $10 habitat stamp. Anyone born after January 1, 1949 must have a hunter education card to apply – Colorado accepts hunter education cards from other states. Application deadline is the first Tuesday in April.

Includes: meals, lodging, 2×1 guiding, field care of your meat and trophy and delivery of meat to processor.

5 Day Hunt - $4700 for bucks scoring up to 190. A $1200 kill fee applies for bucks scoring 191-200 and a $2300 kill fee applies for bucks scoring over 200.