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Montana Mule Deer - Hunt #86-MD

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Hunt private land in northeast Montana for trophy mule deer. This is a small operation that takes a limited number of hunters each year to assure sustainable numbers of mature bucks. You will look over a lot of deer on this hunt. Every year bucks scoring from 170-190+ are killed. The hunt area contains resident deer and also picks up migratory deer – some coming from southern Saskatchewan, Canada.

This hunt can be done in two ways, out of a truck and glassing or spot and stalk on foot. The hunting method is based on the client’s personal preference and physical ability. The terrain is flat to broken and consists of sagebrush, grass and draws.

If a trophy mule deer is on your hit list and you don’t want to play the preference point game and wait years to hunt, this hunt is a great choice. Licenses are via the draw with a March 15 deadline. Draw odds have been 100% with no preference points. The deer combo license costs $597.

Rifle hunts are held during November. Archery hunts are not offered.

Includes meals, lodging, 2×1 guiding, field care of your animal. Lodging is in a farmhouse.

5 Day Hunts - $6500