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Nebraska Mule Deer - Hunt #37-MD

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If Nebraska isn’t on your short list for a trophy mule deer hunt, maybe it should be. Located in western Nebraska, these hunts are held on 55,000 acres that are either owned or leased. This area has wide open prairie, agriculture fields, cottonwood stands and pines. Bowhunts, rifle and muzzleloader hunts are held.

Bucks typically score 165+ with some 190+ having been harvested. The best time to kill a big buck on this hunt is in early archery season (Sept. and Oct.). Crossbows are legal to use.

During the course of the hunt, a hunter will normally spend some days on stand and others doing spot and stalk with a guide. Hunters may elect to do the entire hunt from stands. Stands consist of ladder stands, ground blinds or on the ground from high vantage points.

Includes meals, lodging, guide, field care and skinning of animals. License cost is $209 plus a $20 habitat stamp. Hunter Education Certification is required for everyone age 12 through 29.

5 Day Archery Hunt - $5000 2×1 guided or $6000 1×1 guided (Sept. 1- Dec. 31)

5 Day Archery Mule Deer / Antelope Combo - $6000 2×1 and $6850 1×1

4 Day Rifle Hunts - $4250 2×1 guided or $4550 1×1 guided (mid-Nov.)

4 Day Muzzleloader Hunts - $3975 2×1 guided or $4275 1×1 guided (Dec. 1 -31)

Can also be done as a mule deer / whitetail two-buck hunt for $8500. See Hunt #37-MDWD