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British Columbia Elk / Mule Deer / Bear Combo - Hunt #30-EMD

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Hunt southeastern BC in the heart of the Rockies for Rocky Mountain elk. Hunting is by horseback and on foot.

Archery hunts are held during the early part of the rut. Archers may use crossbows and there is no antler restrictions for the archery season. Only two archery hunters taken per year - three may be able to be accommodated if from the same group.

For the rifle season, bulls must have at least 6 points on one side to harvest. Shot opportunity has been approximately 75% on 6×6 or better bulls. Only 8 rifle hunter staken per year.

Elk are the primary species on this combo hunt and once your bull is down, the emphasis changes to mule deer. Past clients who have killed their elk early in the hunt, have enjoyed a 70-80% success rate on mule deer. Mule deer must have at least 4 points on one side. Average score is right around 160 B&C with some better.

Black bear can also be harvested at no additional cost, except of the license fee. Black bear numbers are down but there is still a decent chance of seeing some. Color phases include blond, various browns and black.

This is a hunt where a client’s physical condition has a great bearing on his success. The terrain is steep and elevation is 6000 - 9000 feet. Elderly hunters and hunters not in “mountain shape” can be accommodated and can hunt out of stands overlooking meadows.

The main camp can be reached by truck and has multiple cabins, shower house and even a cabin for a couple. Other cabins are reached by horse and are used as needed.

Hunters can fly into Cranbrook, B.C. and be met at the airport or fly into Kalispell, MT., rent a vehicle and drive 2 1/2 hours to meet the outfitter. Another option is to fly into Spokane, WA and drive to meet the outfitter. Airfare at Spokane is usually more affordable.

Included: 1×1 guiding, meals, lodging, guiding, game retrieval and care of game.

License fees: Elk $250; Mule Deer $125; Black Bear $180. Licenses subject to 12% tax. Additional costs: 2.5% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) & $275 NRHPF (Non Resident Hunting Preservation Fund)

8 Day Hunt - $7000.00 U.S. (plus 5% GST) (Sept. 10-17), (Sept. 21-28) (Sept. 30-Oct. 7)

7 Day Archery Hunt - $5500.00 U.S. (plus 5% GST) (Sept. 1 - Sept. 9)