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New Mexico Oryx - Hunt #38-ORX

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Here is your chance to hunt oryx (gemsbok) without leaving the US. In addition to making a stunning trophy for your den, the meat is considered to be among the best of all wild game. The oryx population on the White Sands has been drastically reduced the past few years and this hunt is no longer the slam dunk it once was. With that said, our outfitter is still running100% shot opportunity.

Quick facts: Oryx were introduced to New Mexico from 1969-1977 via the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Both bulls and cows grow impressive horns and both are legal game. They have no specific breeding period but instead breed year round.

License cost is $1623 and the deadline to apply is March 22, 2017 - draw results will be available online in late April. Applicants must purchase a $65 NR game License before applying but can denote the refund option if not drawn for oryx. If not drawn, all money is refunded except for a $13 application fee. A maximum of two people may apply as a party. Hunters who commit to book if drawn, can use our outfitter’s license # on their applications which greatly increases their odds of drawing.

Draw odds run between 1-4% depending on the hunt area and season chosen. Broken horn hunts have much better odds ranging from 3-25% depending on hunt area and season chosen. All hunts are either-sex hunts.

Includes: Transportation to the hunt area from motel and transportation during the hunt, motel accommodations, 1×1 hunt single occupancy, 2×1 hunt double occupancy, meals and snacks from the night before the hunt to the end of the hunt, guide for either a 1×1 or 2×1 hunt, trophy preparation (caping) by a taxidermist at the gate ($120.00 value).

2 Day Hunts -  2×1 guided-  $1,500 plus 8% tax 

1×1 guided - $2,250 plus 8% tax

There is also a $150 access fee to hunt the WSMR