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Nebraska Archery Antelope - Hunt #37-PA

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Non-residents can only hunt antelope with archery equipment (including crossbows). Consequently, this outfitter has been specializing in bow hunts and has been highly successful. Shot opportunities typically run 100%. Hunting is on private ranches in the northwest part of the state.

Depending on timing, amount of water and ability of the hunters the following methods are used: decoys, spot and stalk and stand hunting.  Stands are near alfalfa fields or waterholes.

Includes meals, lodging, guiding, field care and skinning of animals.

Shots average 35-40 yards with 15 yards being a close shot. Hunters using flat shooting bows that can hit out to 60+ yards will bump the odds in their favor.

Statewide non-resident archery licenses are available over-the-counter and cost $156.50 plus $20 for a habitat stamp.

4 Day Archery Guided Hunt - $2350 1×1 guided; $2100 2×1 guided; $2000 3×1 guided (late Aug - early Oct.)

Can also be done as 5 day combo with mule deer (see Hunt #37-MDPA) or whitetail (see Hunt #37-WDPA)