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New Mexico Antelope - Hunt #66-PA

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If a big antelope is on your bucket list, here is a hunt to consider. This outfitter has over a half million acres of private land leased and manages it for trophy pronghorn. He limits the number of hunters taken to ensure big bucks are available every year.

The ranches are so big that hunters rarely look at the same country twice during the course of a hunt. This is a hunt where you can look over a lot of bucks. Even though all of the properties, produce B&C bucks, one large ranch gives clients better odds of taking a monster buck - the average runs around 80 inches with the top end being in the high 80’s. It is priced $500 more than the other ranches.

Includes meals, 2×1 guiding, landowner voucher to obtain pronghorn tag, field care of animal. Does not include lodging which is in a motel. Landowner vouchers are provided which allow hunters to obtain licenses. License cost is $369.

3 Day Rifle Hunt - $4000 & $4500 – add $750 for 1×1 guiding (late Aug. – Oct.)