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Wyoming Antelope - Hunt #87-PA

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Hunt private leases in game-rich NE and NC Wyoming. The properties hold excellent numbers of antelope and some trophy bucks too. Bucks typically score from 65-75 with an occasional buck pushing the 80 inch mark.

Both archery and rifle hunts are held. Archery hunts are out of blinds overlooking water. Rifle hunts are done out of trucks with a lot of glassing before a stalk is put on. Shot opportunity has been 100% for both archers and rifle hunters.

Rifle hunts are 2×1 guided. On the archery hunts, a guide will take the hunters to their blinds and drop them off. If arranged prior to the hunt, a guide can sit with an archer in the blind.

Licenses are via the draw but have been 100% draw odds with no preference points. The application period is January 1 – May 31. A hunter’s safety card is required if born after January 1, 1966 – not required for archery hunters.

Includes: meals, lodging, guiding, field care and retrieval of animal to camp, caping of animal, delivery of animal to processor.

4 Day Archery Hunt - $2450 or $2200 for a group of 4 or more (Aug. 15 - Sept. 30)

3 Day Rifle Hunt - $2450 or $2200 for a group of 4 or more (Oct. 1 – Oct. 31)