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British Columbia Bighorn Sheep - Hunt #30-S

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Is a bighorn ram on your targeted list? Are you tired of playing the application game and wondering if you’ll ever get drawn? Maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands and book this hunt with a guaranteed tag. The outfitter takes one or two sheep hunters per year.

Hunters are expected to arrive in sheep shape and be prepared to tackle the mountains. Success or lack of it is often related to the conditioning of the client. There is also a lot of glassing. Horses may be used to access some backcountry.

Two guides are reserved for each hunter to increase the odds a desirable ram is spotted and taken. 8 of the last 9 clients have filled their tags. Rams typically score 160-175 B&C.

Hunters can fly into Cranbrook,B.C. and be met at the airport or fly into Kalispel, MT., rent a vehicle and drive 2 ½ hours to meet the outfitter. Another option is to fly into Spokane, WA and drive to meet the outfitter. Airfare at Spokane is usually more affordable.

Includes: meals, lodging, 2 guides per hunter, game retrieval and trophy care.

Dates are September 10 - October 20. License cost is $620 (plus 12% tax). Additional costs: 2.5% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) & $200 NRHPF (Non Resident Hunting Preservation Fund)

10 Day Hunt - $35,000 US