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Texas Rio Grande Turkey - Hunt #56-T

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Located in southwest Texas, this outfitter has a long history of providing an excellent hunt for Rio Grande turkeys. They have over 40,000 acres consisting of multiple properties. Turkeys are not “second fiddle” to whitetails here and are managed just like deer are. Once the management objective is hit on a property, it is closed down for the year. Only mature toms may be harvested.

This hunt is a great choice for those that like to cover some ground and run-n-gun or for those that prefer to practice more patience and be less mobile. Blinds are available for those desiring to use them. Guides are provided and there are normally 3 hunters with a guide. Each guide has a designated hunt area and is very familiar with the property and where the birds roost, water and hang out. Hunters normally hunt on their own and use the guide’s advice to develop a strategy. Additional guide assistance can be provided for those that need it.

The hunt begins on the afternoon of arrival and ends on the morning of departure. This allows hunters to have an afternoon of hunting and to become familiar with their property prior to their first morning hunt.

The bunkhouse has private rooms that sleep 2-4 and each room has a private bathroom. This hunt is a great place to take a group of friends or business clients.

Hunt includes: meals, lodging, guide assistance, processing of turkey, airport pick up and drop off.

3 Day / Two Bird Hunt - $1450