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Montana Whitetail Deer - Hunt #84-WD

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This hunt takes place on some of Eastern Montana’s finest whitetail country. The land is made up of river bottoms with large hay and grain fields leading up to rolling grasslands with broken patches of trees and brush spread throughout the hills.

If you are looking for a hunt where you can see a lot of deer and don’t need to kill a Boone and Crockett buck, this is one to consider. Deer numbers are good as they tend to be concentrated along the river bottoms. Bucks typically score from 120-150.

Both archery and rifle hunts are held. Bow hunts are primarily stand hunts while rifle hunts employ both stands and spot and stalk.

These hunts are held in “General Units” and the draw odds have been 100% with no bonus points. Archery season is September 3 – October 16 and rifle season is October 22 – November 27.

License cost is $597. Bow hunters are also required to buy an archery license ($10) in addition to the deer license. Application deadline is March 15.

Anyone born after January 1, 1985 must have taken a Hunter Education course to obtain a license. Bow hunters must also provide a certificate of completing the National Bowhunter Education Foundation course or provide any prior years bowhunting/archery stamp, tag, permit or license from any state or province.

Includes meals, lodging, 2×1 guiding, field care and caping of your animal

5 Day Archery Hunt - $2750

5 Day Rifle Hunt - $3500