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Wyoming Whitetail Deer - Hunt #64-WD

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This hunt takes place on private ranches in north central Wyoming. It’s not a place to kill a huge whitetail but a place where you can see a lot of deer and kill a respectable buck. Bucks typically score 120-140. They killed 10 bucks over 140 in 2017.

Rifle hunting is by spot and stalk and stand hunting. Archery hunts will take place from tree stands or ground blinds.

Application period for deer license is January 1 - May 31. Draw odds have been running close to 100% for deer. A hunter’s safety card is required if born after January 1, 1966.

Includes meals, lodging, 2×1 guiding, field care and skinning of animals. Add $750 for 1×1 guiding.

5 Day Archery Hunt - $3800
4 Day Rifle Hunt - $3800 (begins Oct. 15) or $4200 Nov 1-30
Can also be done as a whitetail deer / antelope combo for $5000 - see Hunt 64-WDPA.