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Alberta Whitetail Deer - Hunt #88-WD

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Hunt with this experienced outfitter in central Alberta for trophy whitetail bucks. Both archery and rifle hunts are offered. This area has great genetics and produces bucks that carry good mass and have those chocolate antlers Canada is known for. Mature bucks score from 140-200. This hunt has a long history of producing trophy bucks and has an 85% return client rate.

This is a stand hunt for both archery and rifle. Tree stands are used for the archery hunt and tower blinds, tree stands and ground blinds are used for the rifle hunt. The outfitter does extensive scouting prior to and during the seasons using trail cameras and in-the field observation.

Archery hunts are held during September and October on private land. Shot opportunity has run 90% on P&Y class animals. The average score for the archery hunt has been 140 but for hunters willing to hold out, bucks in the 170 range are attainable. 2-4 hunters per hunt is the norm with a maximum of 6 per year. The 10 day archery hunt can be upgraded to a combination whitetail/mule deer hunt for an additional $500 US and $1000 US kill fee on the second animal. The mule deer portion of the hunt will consist primarily of spot and stalk hunting.

Rifle hunts are held during the rut (Nov. 7-28) on private land and Crown land. The hunting area consists of farmland and fringe land that borders the extensive bush/forest to the west. Rifle season bucks have averaged 150 B&C with an 85% success rate. No more than 6 hunters are taken per hunt with a maximum of 12 per year.

The lodge provides all the comforts of home including big screen TV and WI-FI. There is also a cabin / bunkhouse close to the lodge for those wanting more privacy.

Licenses are guaranteed through the outfitter and are very limited – 4-6 archery tags and 12 rifle tags per year. License cost is approximately $350 Canadian for archery and $300 Canadian for rifle.

Includes: Meals, lodging, in-field transportation, 2×1 guiding, pick up / drop off at Edmonton International Airport, trophy care of your deer.

Archery Hunt – 6 Day Hunt - $4000 US or 10 Day Hunt $5000 US + 5% GST

Rifle Hunt – 6 Day Hunt - $4700 US or 10 Day Hunt $6000 US + 5% GST