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Kansas Whitetail Deer - Hunt #21-WD

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Kansas Whitetail Kansas Whitetail Kansas Whitetail
Kansas Whitetail Kansas Whitetail caught on trail camera

This outfitter has prime leases in a four county area in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas. Hunts are held in Units 12, 13 and 14. Hunters are encouraged to hold off for 140 class bucks and higher. Many repeat clients are a result of great success rates, excellent properties and a hard-working outfitter who puts his time in prior to and during the hunt. Hunts are held in muzzle loader, archery and rifle season.

Permanent stands and blinds are maintained on all properties - portable stands and ground blinds can also be provided or hunters can bring their own stands. Feeders, food plots, and/or crop fields provide plenty of feeding areas for quality deer habitat.

Early muzzle loader hunts can be an excellent time to kill a monster buck! The bucks are still in bachelor groups and are very predictable in their daily movements. The only limiting factor can be the weather. In cool weather there can be lots of action but if it is hot, deer movement is severely restricted and success rates suffer. Because you’re the only group hunting your property during this season, this outfitter allows you to move your dates to accommodate the weather pattern and help you score. Inline muzzleloaders with scopes are legal to use as are sabots and pelletized powder.

Archery hunts are held from late September thru December 31. Archery season coincides with the rut when the big boys are cruising for does. For this reason many of the largest bucks are killed in archery season. The peak of the rut is normally around November 18th plus or minus 6 days.

Rifle hunts begin the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving, which is usually after the major rut activity is over. However there is usually some rutting going on the first few days of rifle season. Many great bucks are taken in rifle season and this outfitter will provide you with a property and stands that maximize your shooting opportunities.

Unguided hunts do not include meals or lodging. The outfitter will provide a written scouting report and satellite photo map of the property you will hunt. All the stands are numbered and the scouting report will tell you what stands are best for each time of day, weather condition, and wind direction along with any big buck sightings. The outfitter will keep you posted during the fall with trail cam pictures and video clips from the property you will be hunting. Upon arrival you will be shown property boundaries, stand locations (at a distance), and given an area road map, which shows your property along with locations of restaurants and the outfitter’s shooting range.

Fully Guided hunts offer two options. One option is complete with lodging and meals and the other with only a daily noon meal included. For either option, this outfitter uses multiple guides as scouts during your hunt to maximize your hunt’s potential. You will be accompanied by a primary guide who will assist you in stand selection and care for your needs during the day while other guides are glassing additional properties in search of your trophy buck. Most mature bucks are sedentary and once located can usually be set up on and taken with the guide’s intimate knowledge of the property.

Licenses available through draw only. Application period is April 1-25 - online only. Odds of being drawn are excellent. Drawing date is May 31. Cost of deer permit is $347 and $73 for non-resident hunting license.

Kansas law requires that all hunters born after July 1, 1957, must successfully complete a certified hunter education course in order to purchase a hunting license or to hunt. There are exceptions for youth hunters under adult supervision. Kansas does honor certificates of completion from other state approved courses.

Kansas now allows youth hunters 15 and under and adult hunters 55 and older to use crossbows during the archery deer season.

5 Day Guided Hunt - $4500 (includes 2×1 guide & noon meal)

Unguided Hunts

Muzzleloader - Season dates: Mid to late September
$3000 - any 7 days during the season

Archery - Season dates: Mid September - December 31
$3000 - any 7 day period during the season

Rifle - Season dates: Early - mid December
$3000 - First 5 days of the season or last 7 days of the season

50% deposit due upon booking and the balance due when your license is drawn.