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Texas Whitetail Deer - Hunt #56-WD

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Hunt southwest Texas for free range or high fence whitetails.

The Free Range Hunt is for 8 point bucks or better. Bucks typically average 115-125 B&C with some scoring 140 and better. Hunting is conducted on over 20,000 acres. This is a great destination if you like to see a lot of deer. It is not unusual to see 10-20 bucks per day. Success rates normally run 95%+.

Hunting methods include ground blinds, glassing open flats from tripods and horn rattling.

Includes meals, lodging, 3×1 guiding and field care of your deer (field dress, skin and quarter).

4 Day Hunt - $2900 and $2400 for youth 16 and under (Youth hunting licenses are only $7)

The High Fence Hunt is conducted on 2000 acres. This hunt can be a challenging hunt due to the size of the enclosure. The high fence hunts are limited to 3 hunters at a time to give each hunter the best opportunity to harvest a buck that meets his expectations.

Trophy hunts are available for rifle or archery hunters on any 3 or 4 consecutive days from October 1st through the end of February. During the Texas general firearms season, November 6th - January 2nd, these hunts will be booked in conjunction with the low fence hunt dates. All animals harvested on a Trophy Hunt will be tagged with a MLD III tag (Managed Land Deer) and will NOT count towards the hunters Texas license limit.

Management and trophy hunts are conducted in the high fence. Management hunts are for mainframe 8 and 9 points that have reached maturity but lack desired antler characteristics. Management hunts are $2900 with a $1500 deposit. Trophy hunts are priced using a sliding scale based on the gross B&C score of the buck harvested. Trophy Hunt Pricing is as follows: up to 150 B&C $4,200; 150 1/8 to 170 B&C $5,750; 170 1/8 to 190 B&C $7,750; 190 1/8 to 200 B&C $9,000; 200 1/8 B&C $10,000 + $100 an inch for every inch over 200 B&C.

Trophy hunts require a $2,500 deposit. The deposit is subtracted from the prices listed above. The final balance will be due upon the harvest of an animal. Your guide will estimate the score of the deer on the hoof. In the event of a discrepancy, the benefit will go to the hunter. If the guide says a buck is in the low 170’s and ends up scoring 169, the hunter pays for that price range deer. In the event of harvesting a 200+ animal, the hunter pays according to the final score of the animal.

Both the free range and high fence hunts require a General Non-Resident Hunting License for $315. For ages 16 and under, the only license required is the Youth Hunting License for $7. License are unlimited and there is no draw required.

Includes meals, lodging, 1×1 guiding and care of your deer (field dress, skin and quarter).