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Texas Whitetail Deer - Hunt #81-WD (High Fence)

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Here is a place where as soon as you drive through the locked gate you are in a wildlife paradise. When I did my recon visit there, I was amazed at the amount of whitetail deer and Rio Grande turkeys I saw. I also saw hogs, javelinas, bobcats and coyotes.
If you are tired of seeing little or no game where you hunt, this place will get you excited. It is also a great place to take young hunters and Texas youth licenses are only $7. Plus this is a small operation that only takes up to two hunters per hunt (exceptions for families) so you will have the place to yourselves.
The ranch is 2800 acres – all under one high fence and not chopped up into smaller pastures. There is a lot of room for the deer to roam and it has very dense cover. For that reason hunting is by stand hunting only. Ground blinds and elevated box blinds are used to overlook water, feeders or senderos.
Management buck hunts are offered as are trophy buck hunts. A guide will be with you to help determine which bucks are management bucks and which are trophy bucks. Management bucks are mature bucks 3.5yrs or older usually 8 and 9 points. Management hunts will be held from October through February.
Hunters may choose to upgrade to a trophy buck during the hunt. Your guide will inform you of the price to do so. Trophy buck hunts will be held from October through February. There are some exceptional bucks here – some over 200 inches. Pricing will be via a sliding scale based on size. Your guide will estimate the score of the deer on the hoof. In the event of a discrepancy, the benefit will go to the hunter. For example, if the guide says a buck is in the low 170’s and ends up scoring 165, the hunter pays for a 165 deer. If the buck scores more than estimated, the hunter pays for the lower class which the guide estimated the buck to be in. Additional animals may be taken as follows: javelinas $150; Rio Grande turkeys $1000; hogs, bobcats and coyotes can be shot for no fee. Whitetail does may also be taken for $150.
A General Non-Resident Hunting License for $315 is required. For ages 16 and under, the only license required is the Youth Hunting License for $7. Licenses are unlimited and there is no draw required. Deer will tagged with a MLD tag and will not count toward the Texas limit.
Includes: meals, lodging, 1×1 guiding, field dressing of your deer and delivery to processor.
3 Day Management Buck Hunts - $2750
3 Day Trophy Buck Hunts. Trophy Hunt Pricing is based on gross B&C score – pricing as follows:
120 -139 - $3500
140 – 149 - $4500
150 – 159 - $5000
160 – 169 - $6000
170 – 179 - $7000
180 – 189 - $8000
190 – 199 - $9000
200 and above - $10,000