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Alberta Wolf - Hunt #88-WF

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If a wolf is on your hit-list, here is an exceptional hunt that has an outstanding success. The hunt has been held for the past 3 years and and 16 hunters have killed 16 wolves and missed 7. There is no limit on wolves in Alberta so hunters can harvest as many wolves as they can.

There are limited openings - only 6 hunters are taken per year.

The hunt is conducted in mid-late February when the wolves are hungry and mating season is underway. Snow machines are used to transport hunters to heated ground blinds overlooking bait. Shots are approximately 200 yards. Be prepared for cold temperatures and long hours in the blinds but it is all worth it when you hear the pack howling on the way to the bait.

One big advantage to this hunt is it’s location near the Fort McMurry oil fields. The wolves here are used to seeing people and consequently are not as spooky as wolves in more remote areas. There are also a lot of wolves in this area.

The licenses are OTC (over-the-counter) and cost $100 Canadian including wildlife certificate.

Lodging is at an oil field camp with full amenities.

CITES permits required for wolves. All wolves must be shipped through a taxidermist in Alberta & additional shipping fees are not included in the hunt costs.

Includes: Meals, lodging, 2×1 guiding, in-field transportation, pick-up and drop-off at Fort McMurray airport, trophy care of your animal(s).

7 Day Hunt - $7000 US plus 5% GST